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Text Box: Tikaboo Peak 6-Oct-2010

5-Oct-10 we sat quietly near Queen City Summit (north of the A’Le Inn) with the intention of watching the Nellis F-15s and F-16s do their stuff before moving on to Base Camp.  We didn’t get there because Sierra 99 (KC-10) turned up refuelling a F-117A which then went round and round for a couple of hours, callsign Sabre 96.

6-Oct-10 we climbed Tikaboo.  No snow, but thunderstorms interspersed with low cloud which made visibility a little tricky once we got to the saddle.  Rain and mist cleared eventually.  We listened to—and watched—2x A-10s operating in the ranges to the south (Valley of Death heard on the R/T). 

7-Oct-10 we moved on to Tonopah Test Range and spent all day overlooking the base from Brainwash Butte.  All fairly quiet apart from a radio check from the intriguing callsign Phoenix 11 until 1300 when everything happened at once.  Again, Sierra 99 KC-10 appeared from Travis AFB, Sabre 60 a UH-60 requested transit to Area 19B as part of the exercise, then Sabre 11 G2 N105TB took off from TTR to participate in a mission with Sabre 96. 

The Tonopah Test Range from Brainwash Butte.  The hangars where the F-117As are stored are in shot here.  Sabre 96 definitely did not depart from the TTR thus one assumes it is Groom Lake based

Sabre 11, G2 N105TB on departure from TTR

Sabre 96 on 5-Oct-10